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Hello from the other side.

By Jesse Noll

A Different Point of View

By Emma Koziara

There’s Nothing Like Real-world Experience

By Amalia Scaravillo

Learning is Cool

By Cara Carme

Embrace Being Undecided

By Elizabeth Fleischer

Rolling in 3-2-1…

By Matthew Manturi

Oh, The Places You’ll Go! – with EMA

By Mackenzi Linehan

A Project Full of Color

By Sam Hanson

My Days as a Darren

By Michael Medina

Places to Go and Places to Be

By Mia Hlynchuk

I Guess It’s Time to Become an Adult

By Garrett Chambers

My Time in the Boiler Room

By Tan Erginay

The Speed of Life

By Heather Kubacki

Just Do It!

By Meghan Kiely

A Little Patience Can Lead to Something Great

By Dana Wieczorek


By Sid Bahl


By MaryAnn Akinboyewa

It Snows in Buffalo?!

By Nicole Dominguez

No Developer is an Island

By Maxwell Antonucci

If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough!

By Sarah Liberati

Be Yourself!

By Bianca Maldari

Go Meet People

By Matt Terry

You’re Cool… Getting a Little Warmer… Warmer… You’re Hot, You’re on Fire!

By Asher Bitz

“Have you ever watched Seinfeld?”

By Maggie Moran

My office is better than yours—no really, it is!

By Samantha Dreverman

Does this Blog have a Picture of a Kitten in it? Find Out Now!

By Madeline Hubert

Find Your Spark

By Austin Galovski

True Life: I’m a PR Intern

By Simone Arrington

5 things to make the most of your new Intern

By Andrew Erickson

What do “Cheers” and EMA have in common?

By Jackie McLemore

A New Chapter  

By Kendall Jackson

Buffalo? Buffalo!

By Casidhe Holland

Google: A Search for Love

By Caroline Gallalee

Deciphering Patterns through Data

By Kate Sheehan

Unknown Territory

By Nora Gleason

Tell Lemony Snicket to Take a Hike with His Series of Unfortunate Events

By Samantha Harrington

Expect the Unexpected

By Summer Schneider

An EMA Perspective: The English Major

By Emily Tanner

19 Things That Happened Before My Summer Internship

By Matt Adams

EMA – A Professional Environment with Creative Flair

By Shaun Chojnacki

New Experience in a Familiar Place

By Tyler Sleap

My Moment of Fame

By Danielle Munn

The Lone Ranger

By Onaika Mootoo

Storytelling is the essence of PR

By Erica Franceschini

Never Too Late to Learn

By Mia Wiskow

Finding the Ultimate Internship

By Serah Shahar

How to Work in PR if You Know Nothing About PR

By Henry Druschel

Fast Food

By Erik Messerschmidt

9 reasons I love my internship

By Yao Dong

The Weird Things You Will Learn as a PR Intern

By Samantha Ryan

INTERNal Bloopers

By Lucas Watson

EMA the Matchmaker

By Maria Burgio

Tricks of the Trade

By Cassandra Ehioghiren

Agency Life is the Life for Me

By Laura Andrade

Time of our Lives

By Kerry O’Connell

The View

By Julia Sutherland


By Corbin Peters

What is PR?

By Juliet Maloff

You Can’t Put a Price on Experience

By Josh Koopman

Are you a Viner?

By Sarah Richheimer

Brilliance, Creativity, and a Smile: A Recipe for Success in PR.

By Hannah Mosher

Slick Transformation

By Hannah Piekiel

Did You Know EMA Has a Roller Coaster?

By Joe Montante

Becoming Socially Savvy

By Christina Macey

Selfishness. Can it be a good thing?

By Philip Czapla

Lights, Camera, Action!

By Michael Kaye

Why advertising is like trains and buses

By David Armas

EMA: Unfiltered

By Brianna Wise

EMA: The Song!

By Anna Dutkowsky

Questioning My Questions

By Brittany Beehner

An Utter Oversight

By Erika Utter

The Commonsense Copywriter

By Shakeel Alexander

Pitch Perfect

By Melissa Sanders

Research, Research, and More Research

By Cassie Hutaff

It’s A Team Effort

By Erika Colon

Press Conference 101

By Katie Boxler

Variety is the Spice of Life

By Beth Weine

It’s A Woman’s World

By Marcene Robinson

The Dilemma of Being a Communications Major

By Molly Balestiere

Concert Crescendo

By Megan Bohn

Super Bowl Twitter Fun with #MowerAdGame

By Beatrice Jiménez

Digging Up a Few Insights

By Elizabeth Pisarenko

Practicing Public Relations across Cultures

By Gehan Yin

Take Your Writing from the Classroom to the Office

By Megan Cahill

Finding creativity in a not-so-hopeless place

By Andrew Geesler

Hard Work Loves Humor

By Chelsea Miner

Why Millennials Make the Best Interns

By Bronwyn Buedel

Planning Ahead – Where To Go As An Insights Intern

By Mary Callaghan

Social Shmocial

By Adrianne Salmon

Avoiding the Dangers of Political Posts on Social Networking Sites

By Samantha Falchook

Design: Class vs. Client

By Nicole Wageck

International Public Relations: The Value of PR Across Borders

By Irene Tang

What’s Cat Litter Got To Do With It?

By Gabrielle Lustrinelli

Confidence Is Key

By Audrey Duran

Smartphones: The Modern Swiss Army Knife

By Sana Ghias

My Newsroom Experience

By Britania Weinstein

Making Research Faster and Easier

By Irene Hartnett

Politics and Public Relations: Interconnected Fields

By Chris Daniels

How to Get a Job in PR

By Kelly Gibson

The Intern Interview

By Shweta Satyan

And . . . Action! A budding screenwriter’s take on being a creative copywriter

By Alicia Knittel

Get Involved. Meet New People. Learn From Experiences.

By Erika Colon

Team Player for EMA

By Phim Her

Corporate Etiquette: Going from Student to Intern

By Kristina Diaz

Ryan Skipper Talks Media Training

By Ryan Skipper


By Pamela Brault

What’s Beyoncé Got To Do With It? Gifs and the Web.

By Imon

Where’s the BEEF in your Media Pitches?

By Lindsey Burke

First Day Fears: Expectations vs. Reality

By Alyssa Recoon